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We manage five stunning properties here at Boutique Lux each suited to different group sizes, styles and occasions! 

We offer The Retreat, an idyllic and secluded cabin offering a slice of tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It features a fully-equipped kitchen and sauna cabin, complete with steamy sauna and bubbly hot tub.

We offer the Buddha House, a charming and stylish home-away-from-home set in the beautiful, quiet town of Godmanchester. With a large kitchen, living and dining area and four spacious bedrooms, it is the perfect stay for large groups and families!

We offer King’s Quarters, a fantastic space perfect for contractors, small groups of friends, or families. Set against the backdrop of the historic town of Huntingdon, there is lots to do nearby!

We offer Queen’s Quarters, a warm and colourful jungle haven perfect for business travellers, contractors, and gathering groups. Offering the best of both worlds with its peace and privacy set against the bustling market town of Huntingdon. 

Finally, we have our beautiful Conker Tree. Nestled in the rolling countryside hills of Perry, this property offers a farmhouse hamlet and space to relax and unwind or to gather and celebrate with large family and friends – whatever you choose to do, Conker will perfectly suit your needs!

Take a look at our treasured properties below and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

The Retreat

Relax & Reinvigorate

A beautiful two-bedroom rustic cabin, tucked away in the quiet village of Great Paxton.

Perfect for small gatherings or intimate couple getaways.

The Retreat sauna
A light living room featuring grey sofas, bay windows out to the front of the house and a television facing the centre of the room.

The Buddha House

Entertain with Family & Friends

A spacious four-bedroom property situated in the small town of Godmanchester. 

Perfect for large families or group gatherings. 

The Kings Quarters

Unwind & Get Comfortable

A light-flooded four-bedroom home spread out over three floors and situated in the peaceful suburban area of Sapley. 

Ideal for contractor respite or a much-needed family getaway.

Set in the green living room of our accommodation in Huntingdon, an orange velvet corner sofa opens to the living room where colourful chairs are set around a circular dining table.

The Queens Quarters

Embrace Colour & Laughter

A warm and colourful four-bedroom three-floor home, situated in a peaceful cul-de-sac in the suburban area of Sapley. 

Ideal for contractor respite or a much-needed group getaway.

The Conker Tree

Gather Together & Celebrate

An expansive five-bedroom rustic farmhouse, situated in the rural countryside of Perry. 

Ideal for celebratory gatherings of family or friends and a few precious pups! 

Have any questions or wish to know more about our properties?

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Our Cancellation Policy

We have been strongly affected by the pandemic. We have been flexible in terms of booking due to the issues last year. However, as these circumstances are now no longer unforeseen, our cancellation policy has become stricter and is detailed below. 

Contact us for more information. Please think carefully before booking.

Thank you for sticking by us during these difficult times. We appreciate your business. 

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