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Are you a landlord overwhelmed with money losses?

Never-ending responsibilities?

Difficulties securing tenants?

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Being a landlord can be incredibly stressful! Dealing with lost rent, legalities, utilities & sourcing reputable tenants are only a few of the concerns you may encounter. 


Here at Boutique Lux, we can help solve your problems to make stress and worry a thing of the past!


We specialise in making your life as a top-notch landlord easier, encouraging you to treasure your precious time!

At Boutique Lux, we can offer you…

Guaranteed Monthly Payments

We ensure you receive your rent on time every month and are paid for full occupancy. Never worry about non-paying tenants nor missing rent ever again!

Your Tax & Utilities Covered

Don't stress over bills! We can pay all of the taxes, utility bills and insurance payments to ease your mind and worry less!

We Find Guests & Contact Agents

Sit back, relax and put your feet up while we source your paying guests and contact necessary agents. We handle all communications so you don't have to!

No Worries About Daily Responsibilities

Take a well-deserved break from the daily grind of landlord responsibilities and let us take the wheel! Breathe through the stress and worry of leaky taps, cold radiators and broken boilers knowing that we have everything in hand.

Decor & Painting

What curtains match the sofas? Is the wallpaper too bright or the carpet too light? Let us take it from here! We will use our design expertise to create gorgeous spaces for your properties that you will be proud to show off to your guests!

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