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Great Paxton

A quaint, quiet village on the outskirts of Cambridgeshire, Great Paxton is the perfect location to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life whilst still being close to amenities, pubs and lush parks.


A small, relaxed market town just outside the busier town of Huntingdon, Godmanchester is situated on the banks of the River Ouse, and boasts a wide variety of cafes and restaurants as well as gorgeous walking trails.


A small, serene, suburban area just outside of the historic town of Huntingdon, Sapley is within close proximity to a variety of amenities, restaurants, and shops, whilst still retaining its peaceful atmosphere.


A rustic peaceful village in the Cambridgeshire countryside, Perry boasts a local pub, fantastic walking routes and is next to the site of Grafam Water, offering a wide variety of outdoor activities.ย 

Take a look at The Boutique Blog for a range of our favourite activities in and around the local area!

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