How to Get Into the Christmas Spirit

Sleighbells ring, are you listening – Christmas spirit is on its way! Some people dive headfirst into Christmas as soon as Halloween is over and November hits! The trees come out, the baubles are hanging and the tunes are blasting!

However, for others, getting into the Christmas spirit is a bit more of a task. Christmas can be stressful – particularly when you panic about cooking, hosting err…interesting family members, and worrying about what to get friends to make the perfect gift.

This is why we have made this post – to help you either get into the Christmas spirit, to begin with, or perhaps to get even MORE into it!

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1. Visit Some Christmas Markets

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One of our top ways to get into the Christmas spirit is to visit a Christmas market! The perfect places to start feeling festive, Christmas markets sell decorations, gifts, delicious food, and heart-warming drinks to enjoy, often while listening to Christmas music!

They are a great place to find unique gifts for friends and family, as well as artisan and local foods and tipples! Christmas markets are best enjoyed with loved ones, wrapped up in hats and scarves, soaking up the Christmas spirit!

2. Go All-Out with Decorating

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Brenda Lee was right – rockin’ around the Christmas tree makes for a happy holiday! There is something about the tinsel, the lights, baubles, and the star on top of the tree which just adds a certain something to the festive period.

At Boutique Lux, we love getting our Christmas decorating on and covering every room in the house with Christmas spirit! The best way to decorate, is with a Christmas beverage, blasting festive tunes with the smells of spiced cookies wafting from the kitchen!

3. Watch a Christmas Movie Marathon

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Something that is sure to get those turkey juices flowing is a Christmas movie marathon! There are definitely a few staples that need to be watched every year (Love Actually and Home Alone anyone?), but we know that they can become predictable and you end up quoting every line.

This year, why not branch out and watch some Christmas movies that you’ve never seen? New plots, new characters, and new stories to fall in love with can really help you get more into the Christmas spirit! Traditions are great, but we are sure you can remember a time where something unexpected and new was actually an awesome surprise!

4. Do Some Christmas Shopping

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Ahh yes, the Christmas shop! Now, when we say ‘Christmas shopping’ we are focusing on visiting a beautifully decorated shopping centre, town or city and just taking in the festivities around you. Just for one trip, try to block out the need to buy presents, and perhaps just treat yourself to a little something — or two!

Of course, there will be a time where you have a list of items to get for family and friends and set aside time for that so that you don’t become overwhelmed. But sometimes it’s just nice to be in a festive space without any worries or planning and to mosey around at your own pace!

5. Bake Some Festive Treats

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Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some festive treats! Are you more sweet or savoury? Pie or cake? Sausage or swiss roll? Whatever it is, dust off those recipe books or search online for the perfect Christmas cooking creation this season!

Blast some Christmas music, perhaps get the family involved and be sure to nab some baking scraps during the process! There are loads of great recipes out there but for a head start, why not check out this list? Family and friends will love the festive treats you create – that is, if you even want to share them!

6. Join a Carolling Group

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Ding dong merrily on high – a carolling group could be just what you need to bring you the Christmas spirit this year! WE are sure that there are lots of groups in and around your local area – if not, why not start one?

If singing carols aren’t your thing, why not sing Christmas pop songs and knock out some Wham or Mariah Carey? If you are more of a listener rather than a singer, then check out some local Christmas concerts or events where you can take in the festive music with some mulled wine or tasty Christmas treats.

7. Get Crafting

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Crafting is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit – any excuse to get creative! You could make your own decorations, your own Christmas cards, or perhaps get festive in the garden with some Christmas-themed birdhouses for beautiful robins!

Why not try your hand at creating a wreath for the front door? What about your own Christmas tree decorations or take it back to primary school and make some Christmas chains! If you’re stuck for ideas, why not check out these great Christmas crafts?

8. Send Out Christmas Cards

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We get it. Sometimes Christmas planning can get overwhelming and you might forget the little things. But the humble Christmas card can often mean a lot to someone – it might even be the only one they receive that year! Take some time out to write and send cards to show people that you are thinking of them.

For that extra special touch, why not try to find some pre-recycled and recyclable cards? Christmas doesn’t have to put a strain on the planet if you know where to look!

9. Have a Christmas Dance Party

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One of our sure-fire ways to get into the Christmas spirit is to have a Christmas dance party! Clear some space, grab some Christmas twinkly lights, get some Christmas scents to fill the air, blast the festive tunes and get boogie-ing around that Christmas tree!

Grab family and friends and get everyone involved! It’s a great way to fill the house with Christmas cheer!

10. Give to Those in Need

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It is important to help those less fortunate all year round, but particularly important at Christmas time! Some people might not have any family to spend Christmas with or have any money for fancy food, drinks or presents.

Christmas is a time for giving, which is why you should extend your ‘giving’ to those further out from your family circle. Why not volunteer at a homeless shelter? Serve food at a soup kitchen? Or perhaps donate unwanted clothes or toys to local charity shops? Check out our gratitude blog for ideas to help others in need.

We hope this list has provided you with a wide variety of ideas to get you into the Christmas spirit this season!

Remember we are always on hand to offer any advice, to provide information, or to answer any queries you might have. Just get in touch below, and we will respond to your request as soon as possible!

Festive wishes,

Team Boutique Lux