Why You Should Book Direct: Our Top 10 Advantages

There are many advantages you will receive when you book direct with us here at Boutique Lux. Sometimes it can be tempting to resort to other websites that you perhaps use more frequently, however, did you know that you might be missing out on the many different benefits you would get through booking directly with us?

Despite lockdown, we are still open to hosting those needing accommodation for a variety of reasons, including those working nearby, for short or long-term stays. Get in touch today for more information or to make a booking!

There are a number of advantages you can experience when you book through our website, including saving money, local knowledge, and even special promotions!

1. Tailored Stays

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Everyone loves to feel special, and when you book direct with Boutique Lux, special treatment is exactly what you’ll get. Booking direct ensures that you are able to liaise directly with us when it comes to your personal requirements.

Do you have any particular food intolerances? Mobility requirements? Perhaps you are booking as a surprise for someone’s birthday and would love a full balloon greeting! Whatever it is, it is easier and quicker to sort when you book direct.

2. Best Price

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We all love to ensure we are getting the best prices whenever we can! When you book direct with us, you can be sure that the prices you see on our website are the cheapest for our properties anywhere online. You will be saving lots per night during your stay and your saved money could go towards an exciting day out, romantic date night, or even in a pot for a rainy day!

Come to us first so you know that you’ve got the best price out there!

3. Preparation is Key

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Booking through our website can save you money and help with your requirements, however it can also help you prepare for your trip away!

Why not take a look at our Boutique Blog for some great ideas on how to prepare for your trip away with us? Whether you need tips about working from home, or you don’t know how saunas work – there is something there to help everyone, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, then just drop us a message. just another perk when you book direct!

4. No Nasty Surprises

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We take great pride in our website. This includes making sure it is up-to-date, with a beautiful user-friendly layout showing off updated pictures of our gorgeous properties with accurate prices and relevant information. It is the first place we update if anything changes.

If you want to make sure that you have all the accurate information you need to book with us at Boutique Lux, then our website should be your first and only stop!

5. First-Hand Help

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We all know how annoying it can be when you have an issue and you are passed around from person to person where your problem takes a long time to resolve! It is frustrating – we get it. When you book direct, you can have confidence knowing that you are speaking directly to a member of our trusted team who will be on hand to address any issues you may have.

We also have faces to our names! Why not take a moment to look at our Boutique Team and you know exactly who you are talking to!

6. Special Promotions

Our website and our social media are the places to be for any news on our special promotions or last-minute deals! We don’t advertise on any other websites so you might be missing out on reduced prices or special offers!

Make sure that you are following our social media channels below, and always book directly through our website so that you can take advantage of fab future offers!

7. Information on Local Areas

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Something else you find out by using our website for your booking is information on the local areas surrounding our properties. We also have rich information on local walks to make the most out of the Great British countryside which surrounds our properties.

For any further information, just drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

8. Embrace Experiences

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One of the first things you want to do before booking a stay away is to make sure that there are lots of things to do near by! There are many MANY things to do in and around our local area, and many of these are included in our Boutique Blog. Make sure that before you book direct, you take a look at our blog for tips and tricks on how to spend your time away from home.

Here are some of our favorites: 

9. Detailed Information on Property Locations

Locations of Boutique Rooms

When you book direct with us, you will receive detailed information on our property locations. On our website, there is information about the time it takes to travel from our accommodations to various local shops and amenities, as well as the distance and time it takes to travel to places of interest and cities including London.

If there is a specific town or city you particularly want to travel to, then just let us know and we will tell you the best way (or even the most fun way) to get there!

10. Quality & Service

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There is nothing quite like the personal service and high-quality attention you get when you book direct. We connect immediately with you and are there every day leading up to your stay to ensure your time with us is as relaxing and amazing as possible!

Always come to us first for all of your needs and questions, as we are always here to help you.

We hope that this post has convinced you of the advantages you can experience when you book direct!

Remember to check out our properties The Retreat and The Buddha House to make use of their gorgeous spaces and quiet surroundings for you and your guests to celebrate the end of lockdown!

We are always on hand to offer any advice, to provide information, or to answer any queries you might have. Just get in touch below, and we will respond to your request as soon as possible!

Your happiness is our priority,

Team Boutique Lux

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