Top 10 Tips: How to Make the Most Out of Your Honeymoon

A honeymoon is romantic, personal, and the perfect way to kick off the rest of your lives together. However, they can sometimes be almost as stressful as the weddings themselves! You already have enough worry to deal with when it comes to the wedding that you shouldn’t have to waste more time stressing when you should be getting excited about the biggest celebration of your life.

Here at Boutique Lux, we want to make sure that your honeymoon plans go off without a hitch. This is why we have curated a foolproof tip list on how to make the most out of your honeymoon for even the most scatterbrained fiancés!

1. Make a Plan for Your Honeymoon!

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Before you dive headfirst into the excitement of a honeymoon whirlwind, you should first set some time aside to work out the less romantic details of your first holiday as a married couple. Such plans should include the overall budget, time frame, and the seasonal weather conditions of your destination.

It might not be the most romantic part of a honeymoon, but it is definitely one of the most important! Ensuring everything has been planned and accounted for is the best way to relax and take things easy further down the line.

2. Balance is Everything!

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As with life and relationships – balance is everything. Your honeymoon is the perfect time to practice the old-age word ‘compromise’! Unless your partner is the clone of you, you might have a few differing interests. This is of course completely natural and you should honor each other’s personal preferences.

This can be evident if one of you prefers an active escape with long treks and exciting activities, whereas the other may prefer a relaxing retreat with pampering treats and lots of afternoon naps! Make sure to balance your honeymoon with equal amounts of both preferences – perhaps active pursuits one day and ‘do not disturbs’ another!

3. Fit Your Honeymoon in at a Time That Suits You Best

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Remember, despite tradition, you do not have to go on your honeymoon straight after your wedding! If you’re finding your budget stretching enough as it is, go on a mini-moon instead. Take a little low-key break away to celebrate your newly-wedded bliss and save your larger honeymoon until the time feels right for you.

There might be a few local places you’ve been interested in visiting – pack light luggage and heavy romance and take a mini-break with the love of your life. The mega-moon can wait for a little while. Take some relaxing time out for two.

4. You Don't Have to Do Everything Your Honeymoon Has to Offer!

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A honeymoon is a perfect opportunity to be one as a couple. It can be tempting to try and fit in anything and everything that gets offered during your time away: early rises for day trips out, dinners out every night, photographs taken at EVERY OPPORTUNITY. However, being ‘on-the-go’ day in and day out can take time away from just appreciating a key moment in your life.

Despite being in a new, exciting place, it is important that you remember to appreciate one another and the relationship you share together. Just taking time out to do nothing together can become the perfect day!

5. Put Your Electronics in Quarantine!

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Funnily enough, during your honeymoon, it is not necessary to update your status, add photos or find out what others are doing every hour of the day. It is a VERY good excuse to leave social media in the dark for a couple of weeks, lose the electronic connection, and enhance the romantic connection!

Your friends and family know very well where you are and don’t need updating on every aspect of your trip. Take photos by all means, but wait to share them until after the honeymoon. Replace the time you would’ve spent online with treasured quality time with your partner – I’m sure they will appreciate it!

6. Don't Overplan - Try and Go With the Flow!

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Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much planning we do or how prepared we feel – circumstances can change and things can go wrong. It could be a cancellation of an activity you were looking forward to, a change of flight time, or a change in the weather. There is nothing like packing a suitcase full of new swimsuits for it to rain 24/7 on your holiday!

Whatever the case it is important to keep relaxed and have an open mind. Anything can change and sometimes circumstances cannot be helped no matter the situation. Slap on a smile, embrace the chaos, and enjoy your trip for what it is!

7. Have Money Set Aside for Unexpected Costs

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Even after extensive budgeting, there may be a few costs that you didn’t plan for. Such costs can include unexpected upgrades, extra nights out, souvenirs bought and given as romantic gifts, or surprising trips to the doctors or hospital (hopefully not!).

To ensure these unexpected costs don’t ruin your trip, set aside some money in the event of an emergency so that you can always be prepared whatever the case.

8. Take Time for Yourself on Your Honeymoon

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The term ‘happily ever after’ doesn’t necessarily translate to ‘happily ever after together 24/7 until death do you part’! Even though you have committed yourself to your partner for life, doesn’t take away the time you deserve to give to your other life partner: yourself.

Sometimes honeymoons can be made even more romantic by taking some time to yourself and allowing yourself to miss your partner. When you reunite after spending time doing separate activities, the time then shared together will be all the more romantic and treasured.

9. Get Off the Beaten Path

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Some of the best discoveries in life can be found when you stray from the beaten path and explore further out. You can come across little seaside alcoves, beautiful wooded hamlets, and twisted sweet cobbled streets.

Get intentionally lost with the love of your life and explore the hidden treasures of the world together as you explore life side by side.

10. Don't Shy Away From Declaring Your Newly-Wedded Bliss to the World!

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We end this list on a slightly cheekier note!

If you have the confidence, don’t shy away from declaring your love and newly-wedded bliss to the world! Whether its visiting restaurants, signing up for activities or booking accommodation, let people know you are on your honeymoon – you could be lucky enough to get free upgrades, fancy bubbly, or better restaurant seating.

You never know!

We hope this list has been informative and has provided you with the knowledge you were looking for to make the most out of your romantic honeymoon!

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