Buddha House: In-Depth

Bright dining room at our accommodation in Huntingdon, The Buddha House. A glass dining table with yellow leather dining chairs. A buddha painting hangs in the background.

Buddha House: Our Properties in Depth Buddha House is one of the original properties here at Boutique Lux. It is set in Godmanchester, a local market town just south of Huntingdon that offers the perfect balance of tranquility and a community atmosphere. Buddha House offers so much for guests to enjoy during a well-deserved getaway! […]

King’s Quarters: In-Depth

King’s Quarters: Our Properties in Depth King’s Quarters is one of the newest properties managed by Boutique Lux and offers the best of both worlds! It is set in Sapley, which offers the perfect balance of a countryside setting and the bustle of the local town. King’s Quarters offers so much for guests to enjoy […]