Spring Sort-Out: Our Top 10 Tips for 2022

Out with the old and in with the new: here are our spring sort-out tips for 2022!

The winds are getting warmer and the daffies are coming out in full force, it can only mean one thing…spring is on its way! What better time to rehaul your life than with a new season that brings with it so much change?

In addition to regular cleaning tips in this list, we have also included more unique things to tackle during your spring clean this year – digital detox anyone?

Take a look below and see if anything tickles your fancy with a feather duster!

1. Get Started

Credit: Kelly Sikkema, UnSplash

So you know what you need to do…but where on earth do you start? The cupboards? The loft? The garage? Let’s be frank, you probably won’t get everything you want to do done in just one day. Write out what it is you want to achieve during your spring sort-out and then prioritise them in the order they need to be done. Should some be done earlier than others?  Can odd bits be put off until a few days later?

Once you have a list of things you want to get done, you then need to add them to a to-do list! Most people just use an app on their phone for this, but there is something a bit more satisfying about physically ticking off an item in a notebook! Whatever you use – get started!

2. Be Strict with Yourself

By Sarah Brown on UnSplash

There is sentimental value attached to an array of things – clothes and household items being only a couple!

We aren’t saying for you to get rid of your childhood teddy bear or your child’s first drawing, but things that you don’t have any emotional connection to or that don’t serve as big of a purpose as they once did – REHOME THEM!

There are lots of ways to make sure that the things you are getting rid of go to good homes where people will love your items just as much as you did. Charity shops and drop-offs, online sites such as eBay and Vinted are just some of the many places where people appreciate second-hand just as much, or even more than newly purchased items!

3. Face the Attic

Credit: Denny Muller, UnSplash

Du-dum, du-dum, du-dum…anyone seen Jaws? So the attic might be less unnerving than a vast ocean with sharks, but it can still cause a bit of anxiety if you aren’t a fan of small dark spaces, creepy crawlies, or musty smells.

But you know that old saying – “face your fears”? Bang on. Think about how proud you will be of yourself afterward for facing the dinginess of the loft! It all needs to be sorted, and it’s better to get it done sooner rather than later.

Need an incentive? Why not set up a reward for yourself for when you finish? A bar of chocolate? A glass of wine? A trip to the gym? Or your favourite movie?

4. Donate to Those in Need

Credit: Hannah Busing, UnSplash

There will always be someone more fortunate than you, and there will always be someone more unfortunate than you. We always feel that we have a duty to help those in need, no matter their situation, and a great way to do this is by donating your unwanted items to a charity.

There are some fantastic charities out there, from well-known to small and local. Do some googling to find out your local drop-off and start gathering your items together!

In light of recent events, why not consider donating your clothes and items to charities that are helping Ukrainian refugees after fleeing their homes due to war and conflict?

5. The 'One Year Rule'

Credit: Lucas Hoang, UnSplash

We know how easy it can be to get carried away. You keep one item, then another, and then your routine starts to lapse and you decided to keep all of your clothes and then buy an extra item or two to go with that outfit, you know the one you wear once in a blue moon?

This is why we have a way to keep you on track and it’s called the ‘One Year Rule’ – basically, besides occasionwear, if you haven’t worn an item in over a year (this then covers all seasons) THROW. IT. OUT.

Well, not throw it out, but you know, donate it or recycle it!

6. Reinvent Your Style

Credit: Atikh Bana, UnSplash

What better time to figure out a new style for yourself than during a spring-sort out when you are sorting through old clothes that don’t suit you anymore?

We all know that there are certainly times when we look at certain items of clothing and think ‘what on earth were you thinking??’ Whether it be threads from your foray into punk or those bow ties from your preppy hipster phase. Perhaps it’s time for another reinvention?

Why not look into charity shops and online second-hand sellers to grab your ‘new look’ items for a bargain? That way you’re helping a good cause and giving life to second-hand clothes!

7. Organise, Organise, Organise!

Credit: Sanibell BV, UnSplash

You know that bookcase you wanted to alphabetise, or that bathroom caddy you wanted to rearrange? What better time to tackle these organisational challenges than during a spring sort-out?

However, you don’t have to go it alone! There are many products that you can get to tackle your clutter and help with your organisation, from adjustable drawer compartments to colour coding and space savers. We can all use a little help now and again, and who knows – you might find that one organisational hack that you’ve been looking for!!

Take a look here at some great organisational tips from top experts!

8. Do a Deep Clean

Credit: Towfiqu Barbhuiya, UnSplash

We all know that spring is a great time for clear-outs and decluttering, and during these clear-outs, you’re often left with dust and grime if household items haven’t been moved in quite some time!

This means that clear-outs are the perfect opportunity to really get into a deep clean of your home! Grab the bottles, grab your trusty vacuum and start with one room at a time. Make sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies that you wouldn’t be able to access as easily during your weekend run-around and breathe in your new clean and fresh environment.

If you are doing a whole house deep clean, you might need lots of bottles of cleaning products. Unfortunately, single-use plastics have terrible repercussions on our planet and we need to help look after it. Before commencing your deep clean, why not look at switching up your cleaning products for something more environmentally friendly but just as powerful?

OceanSaver is one of our favourite earth-loving cleaning brands, why not take a look at some of the products they have to help you and your family live better?

9. Do a Digital Detox

Credit: Christin Hume, UnSplash

Decluttering isn’t just for the physical! Do you get flustered over having an overwhelming amount of emails in your inbox, say 50,000 like a certain editor? Look, I don’t know how it got to that stage, but I just know that I kept putting it off and saying that I’d go through it all later. Well later never came and I had to spend practically a whole day going through it all. It wasn’t as easy as a bulk delete as many were quite important.

However, once I started, it was much easier to then keep on top of and I generally try to do a weekly digital declutter to help clear my mind and mental space. Emails aren’t the only thing that could use a detox – take a look at your various documents, pictures, music, and miscellaneous files you no longer use as well.

Why not look into your Facebook and see what can be cleaned up  – any ‘friends’ you no longer see or keep in touch with, how about you click ‘unfollow’? You don’t have to be as savage as going for a fun ‘unfriend’ but using the ‘unfollow’ button will keep their frequent posts about each and every holiday they seem to be going on off of your feed whilst still keeping them as your friend!

10. Create New Habits for Summer

Credit: Rod Long, UnSplash

Many people say that whole ‘new year, new me’ stuff which often fails by January 2nd. We think that a spring sort-out is the perfect time to officially start a new habit! The weather is getting warmer, the sun stays out longer and nature is coming out in full force – those daily runs you couldn’t muster the courage for back in January suddenly look much more appealing in the light of spring!

Whatever habits you want to start, spring is the best time to begin. Start your daily runs or walks, pick up a painting palette or camera, visit the local lambs and calves in nearby fields, start cooking more from scratch and eat your meals OUTSIDE! What a notion!

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at some of our favourite local walks in and around Cambridgeshire!

We hope this list has provided you with a wide variety of fab ideas to help your spring sort-out this year!

Remember we are always on hand to offer any advice, to provide information, or to answer any queries you might have. Just get in touch below, and we will respond to your request as soon as possible!

Spring wishes,

Team Boutique Lux