How to Make Your Serviced Accommodation Your Home Away From Home

Working away from home can be challenging, but there are ways to make your serviced accommodation feel like your home away from home.

Despite lockdown, we are still open to hosting those needing accommodation for a variety of reasons, including those working nearby, for short or long term stays. Get in touch today for more information or to make a booking!

There are a number of ways you can make your serviced accommodation feel like home, including setting out sentimental photos, displaying beautiful plants, and even packing a board game or two!

1. Bring Some Home Comforts

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We all have that sentimental item that reminds us of home. It could be a warm blanket, a fluffy pillow, or perhaps a cuddly toy? Whatever it is, bring it with you to your serviced accommodation to make it feel like home.

Keeping something comforting close by when you are away from home might even improve your mental health through familiar smells and materials to touch.

2. Don't Forget Your Personal Essentials

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Is there something you have at home that you think will brighten your days away? You might have a board game, a yoga mat, meditation crystals, a favourite book or even a funny movie. Perhaps bring your tablet or iPad with you for some crossword, brain training  or wordsearch apps?

Make sure you bring whatever you need with you, as it will definitely help you feel a bit more like yourself and connect you to your home sweet home.

3. Set Out Photos of Loved Ones

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You must have many sentimental photos of loved ones dotted around your house. Why not grab a few and bring them with you to help make your serviced accommodation feel like home? You could set out photographs in the living room, kitchen and bedrooms so that your family and friends are always near by.

Having photos near by allow you to stay connected to loved ones, even if you are unable to see them for a little while!

4. Get Out Your Favourite Scent

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Our serviced accommodations may smell beautiful and fresh, but there is nothing quite like that familiar scent from home. The scent might be your favourite candle, air freshener, reed diffuser, soap, or body lotion. The sense of smell is very powerful when it comes to calming the mind and anxieties!

Whatever gets your nose tingling and makes your soul happy, bring it along and smell it whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed.

5. Fully Unpack

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It can be tempting to keep a few items in your suitcase for organisational purposes, but if you really want your serviced accommodation to feel homely, it would be more beneficial to completely unpack and make use of the various drawers and cupboards for your items.

Doing this will make you feel fully at home in your new surroundings. However, be sure to make a note of where everything is because you don’t want to forget anything on your departure!

6. Bring Your Favourite Snacks & Drinks

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There is nothing quite like your favourite salty snack or glass of something special to make you happy after a difficult day! Whatever it is you would have to destress at home, why not bring it to your serviced accommodation?

It could be your favourite chocolate bar, bottle of wine, pack of biscuits, instant noodles or for the healthier, perhaps your favourite fruits, smoothies or mixed nuts!

7. Bring Alexa Along for the Ride

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Like many of us, having an electronic know-it-all friend in the house is a luxury that you might have become accustomed to! To help minimise the loneliness that might occur from living alone away from home, why not bring Miss Alexa or Mr Google Home with you to your serviced accommodation?

Having the electronic helper with you will make you feel right at home, and it might also provide some light entertainment too! Why not ask it a joke or strike up a conversation?

8. Incorporate Greenery

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No matter how big or how small, a bit of greenery can always brighten up a space! It could be a prickly cactus, a floral bouquet, a vibrant fern or even a delicious-smelling herb! You might already have a special plant at home, or you could take a trip to the local garden centre to pick up something new.

When you arrive at your serviced accommodation, make sure to position the plant in a space where you know you will appreciate it and be able to view it every day.

9. Keep to Your Routines

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It can be difficult to stick to routines when you are in a new environment as everything is different. However, if a routine is something that you find calming and thrive on, then perhaps try your very best to incorporate it into your new space.

It could be as simple as working out or taking a walk at the same time every day or even just establishing a time for eating or finishing work. You don’t have to transfer your entire routine, just the little parts that work for you.

10. Stay in Contact with Friends & Family

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This one might sound obvious, but for a serviced accommodation to truly feel like a homely,  be sure to keep in close contact with family and friends. This may be through phone calls, messaging, or video chat, but whatever it is, just know that they will probably be missing you just as much as you miss them.

There are many different ways to stay in contact with loved ones. Why not take a look at Zoom so that you can see their lovely faces each and every day?

We hope these ideas on how to make your serviced accommodation your home away from home, have been informative and has provided you with the knowledge you need when you next work away from home!

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Your happiness is our priority,

Team Boutique Lux